Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes – Shepherd’s Pie

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis, chef instructor at Bryan’s Kitchen demonstrates how to use Thanksgiving Leftovers to create a new meal after the holiday including Shephard’s pie.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I am Jim Davis, a chef instructor at Bryan's Kitchen. Today we are showing you how to use Thanksgiving Leftovers and right now we are going to make a wonderful Shepherd's Pie. We are going to be using green beans leftover from the Thanksgiving table, stuffing, sweet potatoes, broccoli, gravy, ham, turkey and of course mashed potatoes. Let's get started making our Shepherd's Pie. First, we are going to take an eight-by-eight Pyrex dish. You can use any kind of a baking pan that you would like. We are going to add ham and turkey thats been diced of course and spread it out in the bottom of our dish, going to add green beans. Now I like to leave mine whole, you can cut yours if you would like but I like mine this way. And we are just going to use enough green beans to get a nice green bean flavor throughout the entire dish. Then we are going to use stuffing. Again we are just going to spread the stuffing over the entire dish, okay. And make sure we get a nice layer of stuffing in it. There is nothing that says Thanksgiving anymore than good stuffing. Now we have got our wonderful roasted sweet potatoes that we are going to put in, just a few and of course a little bit of broccoli. What is Thanksgiving without leftover broccoli? There we go, and now we are going to lay it along gravy so that we have nice custard like consistency when it bakes up. So, that we have got gravy and potatoes and stuffing all together with our ham and turkey. And we want to make sure we use plenty of gravy. Now we will put in our mashed potatoes and there is no easy way to do this. We just put our potatoes on, I spread them out as we go and there are always plenty of leftover mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving. Alright, now we will take a spoon and spread those out evenly so that they get all nice and covered. Alright and there with just a little bit now of pepper on top of our potatoes, there is our Shepherd's Pie ready to go into the oven. Our Shepherd's Pie will bake 45 minutes under a 375 degree oven. Okay, here is our wonderful Shepherd's Pie made with leftover Thanksgiving ingredients. Coming up next, a breakfast Frittata that you wont forget.