Thanksgiving Recipes – How to Use Leftovers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis, chef instructor at Bryan’s Kitchen demonstrates how to use Thanksgiving Leftovers to create a new meal after the holiday.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I am Jim Davis, a chef instructor at Bryan's Kitchen. Today we are going to be talking about Thanksgiving Leftovers. You know, I dont know how it is at your house but at our house, there is always lots of food leftover at Thanksgiving. Thats the groaning board. The table sags in the middle because we have so much food and the next day we wonder why in the world did we prepare so much. Well, now I am going to tell you why you would prepare so much, that so you can use wonderful leftovers to make wonderful dishes. Today we are going to prepare a Frittata, a breakfast Frittata with Thanksgiving Leftovers. We are going to do a Quiche with Thanksgiving Leftovers. We are going to do Burritos with leftovers and we are going to do a wonderful Shepherd's Pie. The tools we are going to be using today is a chef's knife, a whisk, a steel bowl, a cutting board and a nonstick skillet. Thats the primary tools we will be using. The ingredients that we will be using are all the leftovers from our Thanksgiving table. We will have leftover ham and turkey and stuffing and green beans and mashed potatoes and roasted sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce and wonderful turkey gravy. Thats what we are going to be working with in preparing our four dishes today. Now we are going to be using sharp knives and cutting boards and whisks and mixing bowls and all of the other tools of the kitchen. So be careful when you are going to the kitchen to cook and remember we are also going to be cooking over open flames and using hot ovens. So just be careful. Exercise caution while you are cooking in the kitchen. Okay and a little bit about me. I have been teaching cooking classes from more than 10 years including the last 3 years here at Bryan's kitchen. So let's get started cooking with these wonderful Thanksgiving Leftovers.