Thanksgiving Table Setting – Centerpiece

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Christina Haire, an interior designer and principal of Christina Haire Interior Design and Antiques demonstrates how to set a Thanksgiving table including the centerpiece.

    Christina Haire: Hi! I am Christina Haire. I am an interior designer and today, we are setting a Thanksgiving table. We have set the table and the sideboard and now we are going to do the centerpiece. Our Thanksgiving table centerpiece is flanked by two candelabra at either end and for the actual centerpiece, I have collected many things - pumpkins, gourds, sunflower seed heads which I was able to get at my farmer's market that were offered for free. I have magnolia leaves that I gild with gold spray paint. I have many, many leaves that I collected from outside and then some wine berries which are beautiful coral colored berries at this time of year and then we will just put them all together and I don't really have a plan when I start out. I just think that I want a long, visual display for the length of our table and I will place the gourds in different positions to give it a little height and a little texture and then add the wine berry branches so that you can see them from both sides. It's important to remember that there are people on both sides of the table so you can see the elements from each side.

    You can use items that reflect the season in your region as well as found objects. The centerpiece of our centerpiece is a glass pedestal cake stand and on it is what I think is spectacular gourd that is a silvery gray color and I have used a little bit of gold leaf and just smooshed it around the pumpkin and on the stem to make it reflect some light and make it as special as I think it is. This is how we have set our table for this year's Thanksgiving. Last year, it was different and next year it will be a little bit different also. Next we will talk about some changes and variations that you can make for your own holiday table setting.