Thanksgiving Table Setting – Changes and Variations

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Christina Haire, an interior designer and principal of Christina Haire Interior Design and Antiques demonstrates how to set a Thanksgiving table including changes and variations on the theme.

    Christina Haire: Hi! I am Christina Haire. Today we are setting a Thanksgiving table. Now I am going to talk about some changes and variations on the theme. You could turn this into a buffet table. When you are setting your table for a buffet, it's important to visualize how traffic will flow. You need to make it flow so that as your guests go around the table it is in logical order that they pick up their plates and their napkins and their silverware as well as their dinner on the serving pieces. You can put silverware on little baskets to make it more visually appealing and you can still have a centerpiece and your candelabra in the center of the table or you can put all of this at one end of the table with your plates and your serving pieces around it.

    Again, you can use un-matching plates and silverware for a buffet, even the sets of plates don't have to match. You can have different color, different styles. This works well if you are having a large group of people and you don't have enough of any one thing.

    Those are some ideas for changing the theme of the table from a sit down to a buffet. Now I have enjoyed setting this Thanksgiving table for you as well as for my own family. I hope that you have gotten some ideas and even more than that, some inspiration for your own holiday and I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.