Thanksgiving Table Setting – Laying the Table

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Christina Haire, an interior designer and principal of Christina Haire Interior Design and Antiques demonstrates how to set a Thanksgiving table including how to properly lay the table.

    Christina Haire: Hi! I am Christina Haire. I am an interior designer and today we are showing you how to set Thanksgiving table. Our Thanksgiving table is set with lots of holiday traditions and memories that we always use and then mix it up a little bit with some fresh interest. It's my family's favorite holiday and so it's very, very important to us in the one time every year that we all come together.

    The first thing we will do is lay our linen table cloth. Freshly laundered and pressed for the occasion. It's laid on the table. We are also using antique monogram napkins that have nothing to do with our own monogram, but they are beautiful because of the handy work. In using the linens for this table, I like to use all white linens. I use white linen table cloth and napkins, but you can use whatever you like and whatever is appealing to you. Just remember, if it looks good, it is good.

    The next thing we will do is lay the plates equidistant around the table for eight people. We will use our flatware which on the right hand side of the plate will be the knife, on the left side of the plate will be the dinner fork and on the outside of that, the salad fork and next to the salad fork is the linen napkin. Above the plate, we have the ceramic Asian soup spoon and to the right are the two glasses. The first one being the water glass and to the right of that is the wine glass.

    In our table, we always use foil covered chocolate turkeys as a place setting for each person. In addition to that, we have used different kinds of place cards for this day and today we are using leaves that I collected outside and have written on with magic marker each person's name. That's how we set the table and usually, there are some family here to help me do that and having finished that, we will talk about the centerpiece.