The 10-Minute Workout to Help You Look Good Naked

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    How sweaty can you get in 10 minutes? Well, with this workout, the answer is pretty darn sweaty. This quick workout keeps your heart rate up to burn calories while toning your entire body. We hit the muscles from all angles to ensure that you look good from every perspective. Best of all: you don’t need any equipment for this workout, making it completely excuse-proof. Just press play, and get to work!

    Anna Renderer: We all want to look better naked. So I am here to show you a 10-minute workout that will have you feeling like a rockstar in the bath. Let's do this.

    All right! Let's do this. I am ready to look good naked, how about you guys?

    Female Speaker: Let's do it.

    Anna Renderer: Yeah, all right! We are going to start with the Ali Shuffle. So your feet are together. They are going to come apart and then you will switch it. So we are just going to get it going here. And remember, with this, it's like a scissor leg, so you are really getting those quads, the calves, the butt, everything warmed up, moving back and forth. If you needed to modify this, you could do quick steps. If you don't like the impact, you could do a quick step. I would like you to show that modification so you are not limited. You get move it, that's it.

    Now we are going to go into Quick Jack, so feet together and off the mat and we go fast, in out. Now with this, you are working the inner and outer thighs and also the butt.

    Okay, so in and out, good, the faster you can go the better. Well let's see you can go fast straight.

    Female Speaker: Oh yeah, oh yeah.

    Anna Renderer: Who can go the fastest? You can also modify this one without the jump at the same time, so you can go in and out. For you mammas, that maybe just had a baby, you don't want to be jumping too hard, right? So in and out, back and forth.

    Female Speaker: Oh yeah.

    Anna Renderer: Ready and relax, we are going to calm down. Push-up position. All right, so heart rate is going to be high in this whole workout. We are going to do Push-Up and Rotate, so when you go down for the push-up, I want you to open up, rotate, reach up towards the sky, doing that side-play, come back down, push-up, rotate, arm up towards the sky. Good!

    So here you are working your back and shoulder in that side planks, really? Good, working on that, chest and shoulder, doing the push-up. This workout geared to work a lot of muscle groups at once, because we want to look good naked, that means you are going to see everything, right?

    Female Speaker: That's right.

    Anna Renderer: Beautiful! Ooh! Open. Last one, push up, rotate, open up towards the sky, beautiful! All right, back up on the feet, not a lot of rest time in this workout.

    So right here, we are going to go into five squat jumps and hold, so lower down, squat, add a little jump, here is one, two, three, four, hold. Right, so a little isometric with a little plyometric, you are burning up those legs in a different way, let's go back up for five; one, two, three, four, five and hold. Oh, yeah. Come on, burn it baby, take that buti out, put your weight through your heels, keep your chest high, let's go five more, ready? Up, one, two, three, four, five, hold. Love it, don't leave it, don't leave it, come up, good. All right, one more round, Ali Shuffle, keep the heart rate high. Remember we are working those legs, working those abs, pull the belly in, keep those arms moving, breathe it out, picking up those feet. Beautiful!

    Now remember here guys, heart rates are high, we are working at lower body, so you want to be light and above your feet, not heavy, all right. Remember, you could do the quick step here, if you need to, it's all good, ready?

    Let's go jack feet, in and out, inside, outside. I like how quick you got there, Annie.

    Female Speaker: Oh yeah.

    Anna Renderer: I can see Alicia do that. I love how speedy it is, good, inside, outside. Try to stay nice and stable, abs are tight; inside, outside, inside, outside; good and relax.

    All right, back down into push-up position. All right, so you are here, back into the push-up and rotate. So let's go down, push-up, open chest, open wide, nice side plank and down.

    Female Speaker: That's a nice little stretch there.

    Anna Renderer: Yeah! Good. Push-up, squeeze it, open, nice job, down, up, open, let's get one more, open and back up on the feet. All right, so your squat, jumps, and holds, coming up. All right, feet hip-width apart, a little wider, drop it down, up for one, two, three, four, five and hold.

    Female Speaker: Feel the burn.

    Anna Renderer: That's it. Keep the chest high, love it, keep those heels on the ground, up, five, four, three, two one, hold.

    Female Speaker: Oh yeah.

    Anna Renderer: I know you love me.

    Female Speaker: Oh man!

    Anna Renderer: I know you are going to take me later.

    Female Speaker: True!

    Anna Renderer: And up, five, four, three, two, one, hold, love it, don't leave it, love it, don't leave it, couple of more seconds; three, two and up. Awesome, okay, we are coming down to the floor because we've got to work our backside, you guys, very important when you are looking in the mirror, right? So, you have got your hands under your shoulders, you are going to bring your opposite knee to elbow, actually, let's start here, opposite knee to elbow, open up the chest, so kick your heel back, open up your shoulder, bring your right back under, and open, there is a little twist through the shoulder and that low back is working.

    Female Speaker: I am feeling.

    Anna Renderer: Good! Kick that heel out, nice and long, so that leg goes long, beautiful, straight back, let's get one more on this side, open, good, other side, knee to elbow, rotate, kick the heel back. So that you are always squeezing at glute when you kick the heel, long behind you, rotate it out, good, breathe it out, one more, rotate up, awesome, now sticking with the backside, flip it over, only 10 minutes, there is no break time, right?

    Hands underneath your shoulders, legs are straight, lift and squeeze the buti, a little back, little glute, and lower, go hamstrings, so straight leg bridge, lift, squeeze and lower, nice; lift, squeeze, lower; awesome! Shoulders are working too. So you can even squeeze those shoulder blades, as you come up, squeeze those shoulder blades, make them work a little bit. You are trying to work multiple muscle groups at a time in all these moves. All right? So you look good naked.

    Female Speaker: Not easy to look good naked.

    Anna Renderer: It's not. You see everything, and relax, good, on your back, we are going to go right into the bicycle crunch, because this one is so great for that nice stomach. So you have got your knees are bent to 90, lift those shoulder blades and rotate bicycle, opposite elbow to knee and switch. Good!

    Female Speaker: Don't forget to breathe.

    Anna Renderer: That's it, don't forget to breathe, and do not rush this. All right? I love how people turn like speed through it, and all you are doing is working your hip flexors, try to keep your shoulder blades up, as high as you can, really extend that leg, but keep your low back on the floor so this one is super-important, really working.

    Female Speaker: That's great.

    Female Speaker: It feels good.

    Anna Renderer: And one, good, right back up into those little straight legs, so hands come behind, lift and squeeze; good, hand down, we will get five of these; lift, really make the most of it, so really squeezing the glutes to the top, let those shoulder blades pinch together, good, press through the heels, keep the legs straight, that's great.

    Female Speaker: I love how efficient this workout is.

    Female Speaker: Right.

    Female Speaker: Just 10 minutes and we are really working out everything, it's great.

    Anna Renderer: Good, and then on your back, bicycles, one more time, here we go, here we go; opposite elbow to knee, shoulder blades up as high as you can; breathe it out.

    I know this one is hard to keep the low back down, but if you can really focus, you can do smaller bicycles, it's that's what it takes to keep your low back on the floor okay? When that leg goes long, it gets heavy. So when you go long, make sure you pull that lower abdominal wall in and really pull the back to the floor. Last couple of seconds, three, two, one, and relax, awesome!

    Now we are finishing with our grand finale. The Single-Arm Burpee, okay? So if you have to walk this one out with your feet, that's okay. You are going to bring one hand down to the ground, you are going to jump or walk your feet out, you are going to jump it back in and walk it in, add a jump, switch hands; feet out, in, and you are up; switch hands, out, in and up, good.

    Now here, keep your feet wide, it makes it easier, if you go narrow, you are making your legs a lot harder. Down, out, in and up, come on! Out, in, and up, you are looking good and up, out, in and up, come on, last two.

    Female Speaker: All right.

    Female Speaker: Yeah, and up one more.

    Female Speaker: So worth it.

    Anna Renderer: Out, in and up, okay. Now you guys, let's look sexy. Now, come on down to the floor, we are going to strike a pose, all right, I love this one, shake your hips like you mean it, up, and over, up and over, up and over, come on, rainbow it out. Shoulders are working, abs are working, obliques, get those sexy sides to finish off the workout.

    Female Speaker: You got it.

    Anna Renderer: Got a couple of more seconds.

    Female Speaker: This is fitness for the motivation.

    Anna Renderer: That's right, that's it, couple of more seconds, hold, hold.

    Female Speaker: Oh my!

    Anna Renderer: just here, circle as this, all the way and drop it to the knees, and that my friends is your look good, looking good naked -Female Speaker: Yeah.

    Anna Renderer: workout -- I can hardly talk.

    You know I got your back. See you next time on POPSUGAR Fitness.