The Basic Face for Fall Makeup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Suzanne Minskey with Faces by Sam Makeup Artistry.will show you a fall makeup look.

    Suzanne Minskey: Hi! I'm Suzanne Minskey with Faces by Sam Makeup Artistry. Today we're going be showing you a fall makeup look. Right now we're going to do the basic base.

    First of all you want to start off with the foundation that matches your skin tone. To do this you want to test a patch along the jaw line to make sure that it blends from the face down to the neck.

    The best brush for this is a foundation brush, it's a flat dome shaped brush and what you're going to do is apply the makeup to the back of the hand and use the brush to pick it up.

    We are going to take makeup and apply it, some to the forehead, down nose and along the chin then working outward, stroke the rest of the makeup out. You want to make sure that you blend it really, really well. Because this is going to be the foundation for how the rest of your makeup looks.

    The best way to get it some really lay flat and smooth on the skin, is to take the brush and to kind of press it into the skin and lie it down. You don't want to smear than makeup on. You really want to work it into the skin so that it looks the most natural.

    Your T-zone is where you tend to break out and the most sweat and oil so we really pressing that and panning that into the pores will help it to keep from sliding over out.

    Just a little bit on eyelids will help to create a nice smooth base for your foundation to go on as well. Putting a little bit of foundation on the eyelids will also provide a nice smooth base for your eye-shadow to go on and up skins a lot any of the redness or blueness that you have from capillaries and veins that can interfere with the color of the eye shadow.

    Now just I'm going to use the concealer brush, it looks just like a foundation brush only just a little bit smaller with a dome shape to it. I'm just going to like pat it in a half moon underneath the eye and then blend it in using your ring finger.

    You don't want to a white because that will just defeat the purpose and smear the makeup. And take that edge of the brush and just slightly wide that along the lower lash line to cancel out any veininess that you have there and again adapt a blend and that's the basic base. Coming up in our next segment we're going to show you how to beautify and sculpt the brows.