The Basics of Boxing – Hand Wraps

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    TJ, from Team Ruthless Boxing, demonstrates how to do basic boxing hand wraps.

    Hi, I am T.

    J Lucas. I am the head boxing coach here of Team Ruthless here in Manassas, Virginia. In today s boxing segment we are going to go with the basic fundamentals of boxing, some conditioning workouts and a few safety tips. These are 180 inch Hand Wraps, youth people, their hands these are adult size hand wraps. The hand wraps I am using they are the top concern hand wraps, they are Mexican style hand wraps, so they stretch, they give a little bit and they are easy on your hands. I will wrap in the hands, it s important that you keep your hands flexed the whole time. I will start off by going over the wrist a few times. I want to go over the knuckles a few times. One of the most important things of boxing is taking care of your hands, so that you don t hurt your hands while going on bag, if you not wrapped properly. Make sure you roll over the thumb, protecting the thumb, keeping it from getting jammed back when you punch. Now, go for the wrist, now you want to go in between the fingers. You go either under or over top, your choice. Now, you want to go in between the ring finger and middle finger and between the ring finger and the pinky, back then on to wrist one time, back then on the knuckles. I have finished all from on the wrist. Now, when wrapping hands it is important not to wrap to tight, because you do not want to cut off any circulation. There you go. Now, you can get hand wraps in any sporting good store along with your head gear, going for protector gloves, mouthpiece, those things are important when sporting and also you want to make sure, when you box you want to be at a gym, you have good coaches who are qualified and know what they are doing.