The Benefits of Meditation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Psychotherapist Carmen Vaughan discusses the benefits of meditation.

    Carmen Vaughan: Hi, I am Carmen Vaughan and I am here today to teach you how to meditate quickly and easily. I would like to spend a few moments to talk about the benefits of meditation. Meditation has become increasingly popular in the recent years in the west because of its proven benefits both physical and emotional. Traditionally meditation was used for spiritual growth, for the development of the consciousness and discovering our true self. In the west people become attracted to meditation because they see its value as a tool to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

    There are many published scientific studies that demonstrate the benefits of a regular meditation practice, including such things as lowered blood pressure, a decreased resting heart rate improved breathing, decreased anxiety, decreased depression, improved memory, better sleep and it has been used to help people with chronic medical conditions as well. Meditating regularly makes us more self aware and it helps us gain new insight into not only ourselves but the universe we inhabit. Meditators may experience a spiritual presence and a greater connection with the world around them, they will certainly feel more emotional balance and inner peace.

    In my psychotherapy practice, I find that meditation helps my clients gain control over the self defeating thoughts they have about themselves in their options. Through meditation they begin to see their negative thoughts and feelings as observable facts that they can analyze and change and they gain self confidence as they see themselves make the changes they want in their lives. So let us talk a little bit about what meditation actually is.