The Best Android Tablets

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Electronics expert Jody MacDonald discusses the new android tablets.

    Jody MacDonald: It's Jody from TigerDirect.

    com. And we're taking a look at some of the new tablet devices that have just hit the market. You know the Apple iPad has really blazed the way for putting tablets in every single home. They're affordable, and they allow you to a get all of your web browsing, entertainment consumption done. And now we're seeing some of new options that are all very-very cool for every budget and every situation. Right here, this is an example of a budget tablet. These all run on the Android operating system, which is an open operating system, tons of apps. And this is actually a less than $150 for this particular tablet.

    Now when you're in this price range, you're going to find resistive touch-screens displays that aren't quite the quality of the more expensive tablets. But, you are spending a lot less money and you're still going to be able to get that basic functionality out of a tablet device. You'll be able to able to browse the Web, listen to music, watch movies; all of those things are going to be a possibility.

    Now these are a little different, these are brand-new from Arcos, and they're range in sizes from 7 inches to a full 10 inches. And these are a little more expensive. However, they are incredibly cool. They're thin, they're light, they run the latest version of the Android operating system. They have front facing video cameras, so you can use them to actually do videoconferencing, and they've got tons of storage. Battery lasts forever as well. These are very-very cool devices, as you can see they're available in a larger size as well. This is more comparable to an iPad, and feels really, really comfortable in your lap. One of the other things that set these apart; is the fact that they have external ports for your HDMI. You can plug these directly into your HDMI television. They have USB ports; you can plug in your external storage devices, a lot of flexibility with these new tablet devices. And then some of them are coming out that are just a lot different. Like this one.

    This is the pocket edge, and it's actually an e-Reader tablet combo. So you're still going to have all the Android apps, you can still do videoconferencing and all that stuff. But what it has is an e-ink display that's going to allow you to read your e-books on e-paper, rather than looking at an LCD. So as you can see, these things are really, really coming a long way. We're here at TigerDirect, it's one of the largest electronics retailers in the nation. And this is a great place where you'll be able to find stuff, like these new tablets that are coming out.

    So let's go ahead and take a more detailed look at some of these new devices that are just hitting the market.