The Best Cats For Kids And Pet Responsibility

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Allison Howard with the Cat Fanciers Association discusses ways that kids can help with cat care taking and breeds of cats that do well in homes with children.

    Allison Howard: Hi! I am Allison with the Cat Fanciers Associations. Teaching your child to be a responsible pet owner begins at a very young age. It's important to convey to children that their job as a pet owner is to protect and care not only for their animals but the entire pet population. Here are some ways your child can get involved in taking care of your family cat.

    Firstly, parents need to monitor children when they are with any pet and point of behaviors that are not acceptable. Rough handling, pulling of tails, or any other negative interactions, should be replaced with positive behavior such as gentle padding, and interactive play with a teaser toy, or even a rolled-up piece of paper.

    Your child's age in interest level will determine their level of participation and responsibility in daily cat care tasks. Younger children can assist parents with feeding and cleaning of the cat's area. Older children can help with grooming task and change out their litter box regularly.

    If you're looking to adopt a cat attend a cat show in your area to interact with different breeds of cats and see which breeds are a good fit for your family. Here are two breeds that exhibit personality traits that are favorable for families with children. A Color Pointed Cat, the Birman, is identified by its beautiful white paws and exceptionally sweet nature. This long-haired breed is easy to handle and makes an ideal pet that loves to be with people. The Birman is patient, even-tempered and tolerant, making it an excellent choice for households with kids and other pets.

    The American Shorthair breed originated from cats following settlers from Europe to North America. This Shorthair breed makes a gentle companion that enjoys begin a family playmate. The American Shorthair is known for its longevity, robust health, good looks, sweet personality, and friendliness for children, and other pets.

    Exploring and learning about different breeds with your children can be fun, educational, and helps to making a warm decision when choosing a breed of cat. Just be sure to discuss with your children about proper cat interaction and caretaking responsibilities before making a feline part of your family.