The Best Hair Removal Techniques

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Marc Avram of the Hair Foundation discusses the best hair removal techniques.

    Marc Avram: There are many methods for removing unwanted hair, there is not one perfect one, some of them have been around for centuries such as plucking and tweezing, some have been around for decades waxing, electrolysis. And more recent technology includes laser hair removal and topical prescription medication called Vaniqa. Waxing, shaving, plucking, tweezing are temporary. Many people believe that if you shave or wax, that will actually induce more hair. It is not true that if you shave your hair will grow back faster and thicker. The only permanent methods for removing hair are laser hair removal and electrolysis. Laser hair removal is a wonderful treatment option for removing hair permanently, but like any medical treatment any surgical treatment it has risks and side effects, it's important that anyone undergoing laser hair removal not have any sun tan or any inflammation at all in the skin when they undergo it. The reason is if you have a sun tan, a sun tan is basically inflammation in your skin, if you then fire a lot of energy through a laser into the skin that's going to result in blistering and possible permanent discoloration on the skin. There is also reports of scaring, infection and other side effects.

    So as with any procedure, it's important who ever is doing laser hair removal is experienced in the treatment that doesn't guarantee there will be no side effects, but having somebody with experience will reduce your risk of side effects.

    The way it works is it takes natural light and it fires a natural wavelength of light in an intense short burst of energy, it gets absorbed by pigment in the hair follicles. So anyone who has no pigment in their hair follicle such as blonde hair, grey hair, red hair, laser hair removal will not work unfortunately. So, for patients that don't have pigment in the hair follicles that want to get reduction, Vaniqa which is prescription medication and electrolysis are two excellent options.

    Vaniqa is a topical medication that you apply to the area you want to reduce the hair. You need to use it for 8 weeks to judge how well it's working or not working. In my experience about 50 percent of patients after eight weeks are happy with the results and continue using the cream. It's important to realize it you need to continue to use the cream as long as you want to keep the hair reduced.

    If you stop using the cream the hair will return to its baseline. An alternative option is electrolysis. Again, as with any treatment option you want to go to someone who is very experience with electrolysis. You have to realize it does take multiple treatments to reduce the hair, but electrolysis can permanently remove hair for patients with unpigmented hair follicles. Speak to someone with knowledge as you would with anything concerning your body, so you get the best treatment options presented to you and then performed on you.