The Best Handheld HD Camcorders

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Electronics expert Jody Vining explains the different types of handheld HD camcorders on the market today.

    Jody Vining: Hi, there! I am Jody Vining, a technology expert at TigerDirect. We're here to show you some of the hottest video cameras that are on the market today, ranging from extremely affordable to barely affordable but they're all very, very cool. Of course, HD is what is in right now.

    If you're buying a video camera, you've got to buy an HD camera. But the fact is its actually pretty inexpensive now, especially if go to something like the Flip UltraHD. This records in 720p, and is available for usually might around a hundred bucks and it's going to take some really great video. The great thing about this is, is that you can always have it with you. But if you want to step up a little bit to some better quality, and a little bit more expensive, Canon has a line called the VIXIA series. What this is going to do is give you full 1920 x 1080 HD resolutions. It's also going to allow you to take a lot of manual controls over your video, and even get image quality that is really sort of unsurpassed in the price range.

    Now if you want to step up into sort of more of a prosumer level something like this, the Sony NEX series. This is really great, because the body is extraordinarily compact. It has interchangeable lenses, and also a really advanced audio recording system. It's going to give you, full 5.

    1 surround sound. These are really, really incredible cameras.

    Now if you want to step up to a full pro-quality camera, take a look at this. It's the Canon 5D Mark II. It looks a lot like a standard photo camera, that's because it is. It's a digital SLR. But the great thing about this is it actually shoots full 1080p video cinema quality. They're actually using these on the sets of Hollywood productions for shooting now. Now they are a little bit expensive, but the advantages are great. You can have interchangeable lenses. Any of the Canon EOS lenses will work with this. In general, it's going to give you sort of an unsurpassed video quality that you can't get from any other cameras.

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    com. So let's go ahead and take a more detailed look at these extraordinary video cameras.