The Boxing Stance and Footwork

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    TJ, from Team Ruthless Boxing, demonstrates how to do a proper boxing stance.

    This is T.

    J again, in this segment we are going to go for the basic boxing stance and footwork. Now, see the stance, now in the stance she has to keep our elbows in tight, her knees are bent, she has a front foot pointed forward, a little more, there you go and her chin is tucked down into her shoulder and her shoulder is pointed, which is basically a pointer right now. This is the basic stance, right this how you want to be, chin low, shoulder pointed, hands up protecting your face, knees bent, front toe pointed. This back foot, you want this back foot to be about an inch ahead of the front foot for balance. Now, we are going to work on movement here. Whenever you step, you want to step first with the front foot you are going in that direction. So, if you go left, you want to step left first, if you want to go right, you want to step right first, forward, forward first, backwards, backwards first. Just put as you push off your back foot wherever you are going, you go left, push or frontward, push, go for right push off your front foot, go backwards push off your front foot. Now, she is going to show you. So, I go on her left, go backwards, to right, now forward.

    So, as she pushes off her foot, when she goes, she goes forward, she pushes forward of her back foot. She was back, when she pushes off her front foot. You have to push yourself, you know what I mean? Try it again, go left, backwards, right, forward, there you go. As far as, it is important that you get these basic movements now. The hardest part of boxing is your footwork, it is also the most important. Without your footwork, everything else means nothing.