The Classic Mai Tai Recipe & All About Rum

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Keri Harris-Shaw with Total WIne & More discusses the history and process of making rum and demonstrates how to make a classic Mai Tai cocktail.

    Keri Harris-Shaw: Hi! I am Keri with Total Wine & More. Here to talk about the classic spirit and the Caribbean Rum. The history of Rum is the history of sugar as the production of the latter led to the discovery of the Rum making process.

    When refining sugarcane molasses results as a byproduct. Sugar mill operators noticed that when mixed with water and left out in the sun molasses would ferment. By the 1650s this former waste product was being distilled into a spirit. In the English Counties it was called Kill Devil for its tendency to cause a nasty hangover or its perceived medicinal power.

    Today Rum is produced by adding water to molasses or cane sugar juice, introducing yeast to ferment the sugars then distilling the mixture to concentrate the flavors and alcohol. Like Vodka fresh Rum when first distilled is clear and lacks the sophisticate flavors and amber hues of fine sipping Rums. Unlike vodka, only a few Rums are bottled before being aged. Unlike Vodka only a few Rums are bottled before being aged.

    As there are no consistent whys on how Rum is aged throughout the world, Rum can be found aging at sea level, thousands of feet up in the mountains and even under water. All for varying lengths of time, thus creating wide varieties and style and flavor. Rum can be bottled straight from the stove with little or no aging for aged up to 30 years or more in oak barrels.

    In addition to the simple Rum and Coke, Rum is the quintessential ingredient in a wide range of other classic cocktail. The Mai Taim a Tiki Bar favorite originated in 1944 by Victor Bergeron Jr.

    , owner of the famous bar Trader Vics. Here is our recipe for a classic Mai Tai: combine lime juice, orange curacao, simple syrup, orgeat, crushed ice and Rum in a cocktail shaker and dont skimp on the Rum, super premium is the way to go. Shake the cocktail until the shaker is well frosted. Pour the contents into a large glass, garnish with mint sprig and lime half, then enjoy!