The Coolest Place For a Drink in St. Augustine

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Take a peek inside the Ice Plant in St. Augustine Florida where you can sip on crafty cocktails with house made specialty ice like you’ve never seen before.

    Janice Jones: In a historically industrial building in San Augustine, there is a cool craft taking place with a vintage vibe.

    Patricia McLemore: We realized that we are cocktail nerds. Janice Jones: Step into the ice plant experience and authentic taste of the 20s, here cocktails are serious business.

    Patricia McLemore: We do everything vintage style, handcrafted, hand cutter ice; we use fresh juice, house-made syrups, tonics.

    Janice Jones: Settled into a lovingly preserved building, an original ice plant that operated to support the local fishing and shrimping industry from the 1920s, this bar and restaurant freezes a moment in time for you to drink in. There is a seasonally inspired menu of scrumptious farm-to-table dishes and architecture to stretch your neck, but their specialty of course is ice.

    Patricia McLemore: Because its really important if you are serious about cocktails, the idea of digging up the ice is extremely clear and pure and dense.

    Janice Jones: In the form of columns, to cubes, to spheres, its all handcrafted to control the rate of dilution and adorn the right drink. Best seat in the house is at the bar, where you can catch the action and take the bartenders up on their crafty creations. Then, sip your spirits on the patio and soak up another beautiful Florida day. Chilling at the Ice Plant in San Augustine, I am Janice Jones for Visit Florida.