The Formal Fashion Tuxedo

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Formalwear expert Ted Poulos discusses the formal fashion tuxedo.

    Ted Poulus: I am Ted Poulus with Sarno and Son Tuxedo and today I am going to show you how to choose a Tuxedo for your special event or wedding day. In our previous clip, we showed you the look of formal traditional. Now we are going to show you the look of formal fashion.

    Brian, the model that's next to me is wearing the latest look by Calvin Klein and you are right it's not a black tuxedo it's chocolate brown. It's a latest look in a chocolate brown fashion, it's perfect for any wedding or special event.

    The vest is the Infinity Vest by Calvin Klein. The tie is the matching four-in-hand tie by Calvin Klein and if you can notice the shirt, the shirt is a non pleated wing collar shirt. The fabric is a microfiber, ultra light weight almost silk like in appearance by Tallia.

    Accenting the coat is the silk pocket square also in chocolate brown. This is perfect. If you are planning a wedding and wearing an ivory gown or a white gown it will make everything complement just beautifully. The back of the coat as you can see is ventless in the back. It has a corded appearance in the material and the material is your nontraditional super 100s wool. So it's an ultra lightweight wool that's perfect for any time a year; the Calvin Klein Cadbury.

    Next we have our look by After Six. Dominic is wearing the LaStrada tuxedo by After Six. It has a simulated diamond lapel, diamond point lapel. This is the lapel of the jacket and you can see outlining the lapel is a satin trim. It's a two button front. The pockets are flapless, it's a besom pocket jacket and Dominic is wearing the new tie from the Nine Series also in red striped. The vest is a red or scarlet red satin vest; it's a full back vest.

    The shirt is a laydown collar shirt. Again, this particular shirt is non-pleated. It's a microfiber shirt, simulated silk like appearance, very, very soft and very comfortable for the customer to wear; High fashion tuxedo by After Six, the LaStrada.

    This is the fashion tradition look that we have just seen and next we are going to talk about traditional terms that are commonly used in the tuxedo business and also we are going to show you different looks in fashion.