The Forward Crossover of Hockey Powerskating

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ice hockey expert Eileen Peerless demonstrates her power skating method, including the forward crossover.

    Eileen Peerless: I am Eileen Peerless, hockey power skating instructor and coach. I have two of my students with me who will demonstrate forward crossovers on a circle and down ice. This is Melvin John Nichols and this is Michael Desau. I am going to ask Melvin John to do forward crossovers down ice and doing down ice crossover is the technique, is the foot is underneath you and under that's your power leg, the one that is going under you. So, you get on the inside leg and push, inside leg and push, inside leg and push. On forward crossovers around the circle you are going to get push on the outside foot all the way out and crossover. Make sure the crossing is over. You want cross; you do not want to have that back foot back. You want to make the way you do forward crossover. So it is important that that back foot stay stable. Make sure it does not kick out on you, so that when you crossover that foot stays there.

    Another thing to remember is that when you do your crossovers you use two edges. You use an inside edge and an outside edge. So if you turn around, you are going to crossover and drop the edges. You want to make sure that you have both an inside and an outside edge on the crossover. So it's a crossover down ice and on a circle. Next, we are going to talk about the hockey stop.