The Four C’s of Swimwear

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tara Stewart, Marketing Director at More Magazine, shares advice on finding the “four Cs” when shopping for swimwear: Coverage, color, comfort and confidence.

    Tara Stewart: Hi! I'm Tara Stewart, Market Director at More Magazine. Swimsuit shopping is right around the corner, and we've got solutions for women of every size and shape. When shopping, consider the four Cs, coverage, color, comfort and confidence. I am going to show you four examples by Lands' End.

    First up is coverage, what I love is this Tankini swimsuit, it looks like a two-piece but it's really a one piece. It has side adjustable straps that can give you extra coverage by moving it up or down and a huge trend right now is the Bandeau top, these straps are removable.

    The second C is comfort, when shopping, be sure to twist, bend so your suit isn't riding up or digging into your shoulders. Black is a safe go to, and I love that as a skirt, and the halter top is flattering, where you can feel comfortable and confident. It's a great option.

    The third C is color, well; neutral color is may be a mainstay in most swimwear lines. Color is making a huge splash from turquoise to limes, to lemon to sorbet. I love the ruffle detail on this, on the neckline it is flattering and fun, also color helps to accentuate and to conceal.

    The fourth C is confidence, the key to swimsuit confidence is the swimsuit that fits and flatters. I love this bikini, because it has a little bit extra coverage. The all over pattern is flattering. Also the neckline is beautiful, because it draws the eye upward. If you're hoping to find some swimsuit magic this season, remember the four Cs, coverage, color, comfort and confidence.