The Heavenly Smoothie That Julianne Hough Just Loves

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Whether you’re impatiently waiting for your local Girl Scouts chapter to start selling Thin Mints, or you’re craving a protein shake that tastes more like a dessert and less like chalk, this is the smoothie for you. A favorite recipe from fit girl Julianne Hough, it’s easy to see why she loves it so much. It’s full of fresh mint flavor and has the perfect balance of sweetness to end your workout on a high note!

    Matthew Rodrigues: With the background in dance Julianne Hough has made health and fitness essential point of her life from a very young age. Here to share with us one of Julianne's favorite ways to stay ballroom ready is PopSugar Fitness Editor Michele Foley.

    Michele Foley: Now I think Julianne will love your welts.

    Matthew Rodrigues: I don't think anyone would love that welts, not even my mom. Okay.

    Michele Foley: So I can't tell you how much PopSugar Fitness readers love Julianne. We always see her at the gym, they want to know what her work outs are, they want to know what she is eating. So we're making one of her favorite recipes today.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay. Now call me crazy, but I have a feeling it has to do with the smoothie. Am I psychic or what?

    Michele Foley: I think you would be exactly right. I don't know how you got that. Smoothies are great, they are so easy to make, and tons of nutrition in one glass.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay, let's get started than.

    Michele Foley: Yeah. So, we have got some ice crushed, we're going to add some almond milk to this ice, and we've got some baby spinach here. I want you to do the honor.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Now almond milk and baby spinach that's a weird kind of mix.

    Michele Foley: I would say, put greens in every smoothie because you won't test them and you're just going to up the vitamin content and the fiber, so go for it.

    Matthew Rodrigues: And you just put a lot of mint in that.

    Michele Foley: A lot of mint. It's a chocolate mint smoothie, so you want to test that mint.

    Matthew Rodrigues: I am going to taste this chocolate chip, that's what I am going to do --Michele Foley: Put that chocolate in.

    Matthew Rodrigues: -- because that's good.

    Michele Foley: And we got some nonfat Greek yogurt here.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay. I love yogurt in a smoothie because it makes a taste like a milkshake.

    Michele Foley: Yeah, it gives you that creamy flavor. It's also good for your probiotics, so great for the digestive system.

    Matthew Rodrigues: But its feel like you're having something bad, but it's actually very good for you.

    Michele Foley: And just a touch of maple syrup for a little sweetness, also rich in minerals and nutrients, it's such a great all natural sweetener.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay, great. So I am going to pop this on.

    Michele Foley: Ready to go.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Just do it.

    Michele Foley: Less than five minutes or less, and done.

    Matthew Rodrigues: That's it.

    Michele Foley: I mean it's done.

    Matthew Rodrigues: It's done.

    Michele Foley: No excuse to not have this today. Matthew Rodrigues: Okay. Now we get to try this one over here. This looks beautiful. I am going to sip this up.

    Michele Foley: This is great.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Oh! Okay, I wanted to tell you I don't like thin mints, I don't like the candy, I don't like the cookie.

    Michele Foley: But what you think?

    Matthew Rodrigues: But this is delicious and it's healthy. Michele Foley: It's calcium, protein, and I think the fresh mint makes a big difference compare to artificial mint.

    Matthew Rodrigues: It sure does. I can't thank you enough Michele, very tasty.