The Holiday’s Hottest HD Video Cameras

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    New Technology expert Jody Vining provides an overview of the top HD camcorders on the market.

    Jody Vining: We are taking a look at some of the hottest HD video cameras on the market today and HD video has come a long way in the last few years. This one is right around a hundred dollars, it shoots in 720p, has 8 gigs of built-in storage and will easily hook up to your computer using the built-in USB ports. You can quickly edit and upload all your videos right off; this is very, very small video camera.

    You want to step up to a camera that has full 1080p and is still less than a thousand dollars. The Canon Vixia series is going to get the job done for you, it's got a gorgeous three and a half inch LCD touch display, and it has video quality. It's really rivaled some of the pro cameras that are out there. It has got a giant lens, built-in video light. You are not going to find a camera for less than a thousand dollars, with the video quality that is in this one right here.

    Now this one right here, this one right here, this is the Sony NEXVG10. Brand new from Sony using their new NEX lens system, this has an interchangeable lens system. This camera is absolutely gorgeous, almost pro level just doesn't have some of the features you would find on a pro level camera but its compact and the video quality is absolutely astounding and then of course, if you want to step up to a camera that even the pros are using today, chances are you have seen television shows shot with this very camera right here that is one-fourth the price of some of the more expensive cameras that are out there. It's the Canon EOS 5D MarkII, it's a digital SLR, so you are also going to get stills of a 21 mega pixels and absolutely gorgeous video. 1080p and unrivaled in terms of video quality on this right here. That's right you can now take video using a DSLR camera. So there you go, really come a long way with HD video over the last few years and ranging from just a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, you can get HD in your life.