The Hottest New Manicure Could Make You More Money

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Need a big promotion? Want to find love? It could all align with the perfect manicure. Color astrology is sweeping the nation. So what is it exactly? According to astrologist Rose Theodora, color astrology helps people find colors that balance and enhance their lives. For instance, earthy Capricorns might be tempted by shades of green and brown, but a hardworking goat should opt for feminine pastels to lighten her up a bit, since Cappys can come off as strong-willed and dominant. We visited Los Angeles’s Enamel Diction salon, which offers a color astrology service with an accompanying nail art option, to learn what it entails. Who knows? Your next big bonus could be a result of your outstanding manicure.

    Kirbie Johnson: Can you enhance your life with just a manicure; in LA the hottest new nail trend is color astrology. I am here at Enamel Diction to learn how you can on top your best life with the perfect polish. Now Rose, tell me what is color astrology? Rose Theodora: So each person has an astrological sign and each astrological sign is attracted to a certain color. Kirbie Johnson: Yeah. Rose Theodora: So my job is to help someone determine colors that are most beneficial to them, take Taurus for example, they can be really sensually indulgent so I would recommend that they wear a more grounding color like green. Cancers can be very emotional, they can be heavy and so I would recommend that they wear blue; it's soothing. For Leos I would recommend that they wear gold because they always want to be seen and sometimes they can be socially needy. Kirbie Johnson: Now how does that work, how does color astrology come into play? Rose Theodora: First I would look at a person's natal chart and it's specific to the time that they were born, the place that they were born, and the date. Kirbie Johnson: Okay, so you have to know all of those things before you can find out what your color is. Rose Theodora: Exactly! You are a Capricorn? Kirbie Johnson: Yes. Rose Theodora: You are an Earth sign and so you can come across dominant and - Kirbie Johnson: A little bit, I like to work my way up the mountains so - Rose Theodora: Exactly, you would want a color that would soften you a little bit like a peach. Kirbie Johnson: Okay. Rose Theodora: Pastel colors. Kirbie Johnson: Well, I have on a bright color tone, not pastel, but it's kind of working for me. Rose Theodora: But it works. Kirbie Johnson: Okay, good. Makes you more friendly and warn, right? Rose Theodora: Exactly! Kirbie Johnson: All right, so now that I know my power color, how can I translate that into a manicure? Rose Theodora: Based on your power colors we can customize a look that's right for you depending on what you like to achieve. You can use those colors that balance you with your actual zodiac colors. Kirbie Johnson: All right! So tell me what this manicure means for me? Rose Theodora: As we had said earlier, Capricorn is a dominant sing, it helps you to just feel more feminine and be present. Kirbie Johnson: Yeah. Rose Theodora: And then we use some of these gold flakes and these can help you with money, these can help you with confidence in a subtle way so it's still warm, but effective. Kirbie Johnson: All right! So if we want to find out about our own color astrology at home, where can we go?

    Rose Theodora: You can make an appointment at Enamel Diction if you are in Los Angeles or you can set up a phone session with us. Kirbie Johnson: Thanks Rose so much! I love my manicure; I am feeling like my future is already a little bit brighter and more pastel. Rose Theodora: It is; thank you!