The Importance Of Vaccinating Your Child

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Traci Mitchell with NAHU discusses the importance of vaccinating your child.

    Tracy Michele: Hi! I'm Tracy Michele with the National Association of Health Underwriters Education Foundation.

    Today we're talking about the importance of vaccinating your child. Watching your child receive immunizations can be emotionally taxing. The physical discomfort children experience from a shot can be compounded by the parent's anxiety. Make sure to cuddle your child both before and after the vaccinations, and if you like, hold your child while the shot is being administered.

    According to immunization expert Jeanne Santoli, nursing a baby immediately after can be comforting to both mother and child. As your child gets older, explaining why immunizations are important can also make the experience less stressful.

    Some parents choose not to inoculate their children for religious reasons or even scientific ideology. These personal reasons against vaccination should be respected and address by the appropriate healthcare professional. Misunderstandings and intolerance over immunization beliefs led to rights in England in 1885, a Brazilian revolt in 1904, a 2001 polio vaccine boycott Nigeria and many protest against the swine flu vaccine right here in the United States.

    Vaccinating your child doesn't need to be your traumatic experience, take comfort in knowing you're protecting your family and doing your part to safeguard your community form devastating diseases. Childhood immunizations are one of the simplest preventive care measures you can take to ensure your child has a happy healthy future.

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