The International Spy Museum – Washington, DC

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ever dreamed of being a spy? Come and check out one of DC’s most popular museums-the Spy Museum.

    Dr. Mark Stout: International Spy Museum is the only museum opened to the public in the United States that's dedicated to the question of espionage or in downtown Washington D.


    , and it's very convenient, we're only half a block away from the gallery place metro.

    Peter Earnest: The obvious choice was Washington D.

    C. This is where the spies are, there are more spies here, than any other city in the country.

    The International Spy Museum is not just about artifacts, there are number of interactives all the way through the museum, really popular is one of our -- Dr. Mark Stout: Experiential Exhibits called Operation Spy and it's an interactive exhibit and experience where you can take on the role of a CI case officer, running a mission in a fictional country very sort of Central Asian like. Children find particularly interesting, we have built in an air duct tier that they can crawl through to, spy down on people visiting the museum.

    Visitor: My favorite exhibit is the Enigma Cipher, it is an encrypted message and the cipher will help them descramble it.

    Female Speaker: It's fun, it's existing, it's more then just a museum, it's an experience.

    Peter Earnest: Our newest gallery is right on the forefront of what's going on the world today, it is on Cyber War and Cyber Attacks. We've an amazing gift shop; we have the best collection of books on terrorism, intelligence, history of intelligence in the city. We also have here at the museum a restaurant well known in the city, Zola.

    Dr. Mark Stout: There are other espionage museums in the United States and around the world, but you have to work for the intelligence agencies and know somebody special to begin to, and normally people don't get to see, you can see them here.