The LBL Session – The Spiritual World

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Certified Hypnotherapist Stephanie Kraft discusses Life Between Lives hypnotherapy including the point when the soul enters the spirit world.

    Hi, I am Stephanie Kraft and I am a certified hypnotherapist. I am talking about Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. Right now I am talking about the point when the soul enters the spirit world.

    When a soul leaves the physical body, they usually feel an expansion and freedom immediately, and this is because they are now in their pure energy soul stage. Sometimes they like to linger behind trying to comfort the loved ones that they have left behind, and sometimes they just feel so happy to be free again, that they just hurry along to experience the spirit world. Usually they feel pulled or drawn to a bright light by a loving power. There are many stops along the way that a soul can experience in the spirit world, but please remember that all of these stops can vary widely from session to session, and the order in which they can be experienced can very widely as well. Generally souls are met by a guide upon entering the spirit world. The guide can help them review their last life and answer questions. The guide generally accompanies them to the stops along the way in the spirit world.

    A number of common occurrence is that souls can be met by members of their soul group; this is always a joyous and loving re-union. Another thing that can happen is they can be reunited with a primary soul-mate. This type of reunion is very loving and powerful as well.

    Some of the other common stops along the way for souls could be going to places for energy healing or rejuvenation for souls who have hard life. Going to a library for a private study, or to review past lives, going to a class room for learning, or going to places of recreation. Souls also visit the life selection room where they can view choices for their next life.

    Some souls have not had their soul origins on earth. They actually had their first incarnation on planets other than Earth. And no souls generally visit their planet of origins, or any other planets that they have lived on. One of the main highlights of the LBL session is going before the council. The council members are wise beings who can answer any question that the soul may have, and talk about the souls progress, so far, any lessons they are to be learning, get advised, find out their soul's purpose, or any other number of questions that the client may have.

    So that's what souls can experience while in the spirit world. Next I am going to talk about what you can expect to feel or experience during the session.