The Linen and Centerpiece of a Table Setting

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Event manager Johari Barnes demonstrates how to set the perfect table setting, including linens and centerpieces.

    Johari Barnes: Hi! I am Johari Barnes, owner of Distinctively Yours Event Management and today, I am going to show you how to set a perfect table setting. We are going to get started with the table linen. Today, I have chosen a black satin table linen to cover our five foot round table. Ideally, you can do one layer; you can do up to three layers. It really depends on how creative you want to be with your table. So this table here sits comfortably four to six people, but you can get a bigger table, usually a six foot round table will sit eight to ten people comfortably, but again this is a five foot round and we have a black satin table linen here. Next thing we are going to show is the centerpiece for the table. Now, we are going to talk about tables centerpieces. What I have shown here are three different centerpieces. We have two low ones and one high one, more traditional, more abstract. So let us just start here. This simple centerpiece is accomplished by just a simple silver tray that you can purchase at any thrift store, consignment store, something you may have already at home and this centerpiece allows you to use candles and rose petals to make a beautiful centerpiece, very romantic, very nice and something that's very cost-effective. The centerpiece here is tall; and there are many times where you would not want a taller centerpiece that's blocking your guest from seeing one another, but it is definitely a nice way of adding height to a room and you want to alternate centerpieces, you can do that with something of this nature, very simple. These are curly willow branches and these curly willow branches have crystals hanging from them and these crystals can be purchased at your local hardware store, very simple. You can add color by putting different color ribbons on it. You can have more, you can have less. It really depends on what your wedding style is, but very simple centerpiece here.

    Lastly, we have the more traditional centerpiece, a low centerpiece who have tulips and we have lilies. This centerpiece can be used -- again, alternating with these types of centerpieces alone, and all of them can be extended with votive candles. Votive candles can make the table wider; the candles can be the colors of your theme. It really depends on what your wedding style is, but this centerpiece here, again, has white, pink and dark pink tulips and pink lilies and this is a more traditional centerpiece, more what people are looking for, for weddings, but these are two alternatives that are cost-effective and easily accomplished.

    Next, we are going to go into the table setting.

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