The Most Haunted Lighthouse in the U.S.

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Pensacola Lighthouse is known for being haunted, but it’s also known for having one of the best views around after climbing the 177 steps.

    Brent Lane: Hey! I'm Brent Lane and I'm here at the historic Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum and many would want to add the word haunted to the name.

    Jason Balbuena: When the ghost haunters were here in 2009 what they experienced was investigators getting touched, they heard foot steps in the house; they heard voices. Two of their investigators actually had flashlights go off.

    Jon Hill: A bit lot of tragic history out here with the yellow fever epidemic, there is also reports of a mother who passed away in child birth and a lot of people tie that to the blood stained floors up in the bedroom.

    Brent Lane: The lighthouse completed in 1858 has an amazing history besides being haunted or not this lighthouse might be known for something more important. Carefully climb the 177 steps up this historic lighthouse and you'll find some of the most stunning views on the Gulf Coast.

    Right over there it's Pensacola Pass, where Pensacola bay meets the Gulf of Mexico. And watch the awesome Blue Angels practicing their trolls and nose dives at eye level.

    Jon Hill: Pensacola Lighthouse has the highest group of plane in Florida. It is a 192 feet above sea level, once youre outside on the catwalk you're 151 above the ground.

    Brent Lane: Besides having survived several hurricanes and a rare earthquake, the amazing thing is, it's still standing after a rain of heavy cannon balls assaulted it during the Civil War.

    Make sure you check the pensacolalighthouse.

    org for upcoming events so you can coordinate your visit with a special event.

    Jon Hill: We have several night tours, we have one called the test to the top, but we've made it an exclusive and intimate affair with couples, we have five couples go to the top who toast the sunset, watch the light come out, we have h'orderves and music playing for them. We also have the light of the moon which is a tour based around costumed interpreters who tell about the historic accounts of the ghost, passed on form keeper to keeper and all the folklore that relates to them.

    And then we also have for those who are really interested come out and do ghost hunts and you can actually use the equipment that the professionals ghost hunters on the TV shows use.

    Brent Lane: Also there are no pets allowed, so leave your pets at home as well as any ghost you might be carrying around. This is Brent Lane reporting from the Pensacola Gulf Shore.