The New Fall Show Happy Endings Fans Have Been Waiting For

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    NBC’s new comedy Marry Me’s cast members Casey Wilson, Ken Marino, and Tim Meadows painted us a picture of life on set, which will only make you want to watch the show even more.

    Becca Frucht: The cast of one of NBC's new fall shows Marry Me hosted a special screening at PaleyFest for TV fans and press in Beverly Hills. And POPSUGAR's Lindsay Miller was there to get the scoop on the comedy. Lindsay Miller: Yeah, so the series premieres on October 14 and it stars Casey Wilson and Ken Marino as a couple. You can kind of think of this as a send up of your typical rom-com. [Video Clip]Becca Frucht: Oh-oh. Lindsay Miller: Yeah and fans of Happy Endings, you include that we have a lot of them around the office can rejoice because this show comes from the same creator David Caspe. Becca Frucht: Who just so happens to be married to his leading lady Casey Wilson. Lindsay Miller: Yeah, and things got really real when I asked her what it's like to go to work every day with your significant other. Casey Wilson: It's lot of screaming on set, it's a lot of meltdowns and throwing things and wasted time on in the trailer and trying to get me out and then he goes in the trailer and no one - Becca Frucht: Now I personally the Casey's on screen boo camarano when he was on The Bachelor spoof Burning Love. Lindsay Miller: Yes, likewise and he is very funny off-screen too, he told me things kind of awkward with Casey's overseeing the romantic scenes. Ken Marino: Yeah it's really interesting David; David doesn't want Casey and I in the same scene, he is like very, very hypersensitive to our relationship, so he makes me shooting in front of the green screen and then they remove me from the set and then they bring Casey and she shoots in front of the green screen and then they just kind of - Becca Frucht: Really world class special effect on the series. Lindsay Miller: Oh yeah, James Cameron style. Becca Frucht: Okay, can someone please explain to me why Tim Meadows character is named Kevin-1?

    Lindsay Miller: Okay so Casey's character has two gay dads they both happened to be named Kevin. Becca Frucht: Of course. Tim Meadows: So I am Kevin-1 which means I star I am the first one here. Interviewer: You are the number 1. Tim Meadows: I am number I Kevin, yeah. Becca Frucht: Got to wonder how Dan Bucatinsky who we know from Scandal, feels about being Kevin-2.

    Lindsay Miller: It might be a sore subject.