The Newseum – Washington DC

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Collecting news is a dangerous business. One of the more fascinating museums in Washington DC is the Newseum. You will want to recommend it to your friends!!

    Paul Sparrow: A Newseum offers 500 years of News History with up to the second technology with touch screens and giant 44 LCD screens in our atrium. Our exhibits change everyday and we update the exhibits that we have. Every time you come here it's a different experience for all ages.

    Charles L. Overby: This is your life here at the Newseum, it's about history, and it's about freedom, it's about fun thing. We have 14 galleries and 15 theaters, you can watch movie all the day here.

    Female Speaker: Here it's just not enough time in the day to get through all of it.

    Female Speaker: You somehow feel like you're there when you read the stories, and you look at the different exhibits, once you get there.

    Male Speaker: So overwhelming, we're so filled with fantastic memories.

    Paul Sparrow: Newseum's most popular attraction really is the 4D film that takes you back in time from Revolutionary War to World War II and you see this historic news events through the eyes of the journalists who are there. The seats move, we blow wind in your face.

    Charles L. Overby: Things they talk about the most are the Pulitzer Prize winning pictures. The interactive games, the Be a TV Reporter, you get to be on TV as well as see about TV.

    Paul Sparrow: The 9/11 gallery is one of our most powerful exhibits; we have the broadcast tower from the top of the World Trade Centre and a very, very powerful films and the journalists who were there that day. And I think most people don't know we have it here.

    Charles L. Overby: The Newseum is like a campus, we have Wolfgang Puck Restaurant, also works catering and rentals.

    Paul Sparrow: We have two full television studios where we are routinely having Nation Network Broadcast, a great food court, and of course, we have all of the events that happen in the Newseum, it's an amazing place, with really something for everyone.