The Parts of the Flute and Breathing Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Visnja Kosanovic from the International School of Music goes over the parts of the flute.

    Visnja Kosanovic: Hi, my name is Visnja from International school of Music. I would like to tell you now about the parts of flute, flute has three parts, the headjoint, where we blow and get in the sound, the body of the flute, where the most of the keys by pressing them we get the different notes, that come together. When you are putting together, assembling the flute, you are trying not to squeeze the keys because that can cause the leakage of the keys and that definitely influence the sound. The third part is the foot, which comes to the body. Now, we will talk about the breathing. For the good sound we need the proper breathing and that for the all wind instruments as well as for singers is a so called diaphragm breathing or abdominal breath.

    That means you should take a breath, deep in your stomach into lowest part of your chest that the stomach comes out, but not the chest, I will demonstrate. In correct breath, shallow breathing up in the upper part of your chest, cause a tension and that definitely influence the quality of the sound. Next, we will talk about the getting the sound on the flute, about embrasure.