The Pencil Sketch Outline of the Tiger Face

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional makeup artist Roger Riggle shows how to sketch out the tiger face before painting on the detail.

    Roger Riggle

    Roger Bennett Riggle has been a licensed, professional make up artist for over 20 years. He began at Kinetic Artistry, a theatrical supply house in Takoma Park, MD. During his 10 years there, Roger managed the make up department -7 different lines; sales, consultation and artistry.

    Roger has hosted numerous Washington, D.C instructional seminars for area artists; everything from beauty and photography make up to Halloween transformations and special effects make up techniques. Roger worked for over 10 years as the make up artist for Tom Radcliffe, a leader in headshot photography at the Point of View Studio also in Takoma Park, MD. Roger applied the photographic make up to thousands of actors, sports celebrities, musicians and opera singers.

    Roger specializes in Halloween make-overs and the transforming of personalities for diverse, special events. In addition, Roger has created special make up effects for disaster simulation used in the training of nurses, doctors and EMS personnel. His credits include triage exercises at the Baltimore/Washington International Airport, for the Secret Service, and for the UHUHS military training facility. Roger has also designed for numerous theatrical productions which entails researching and articulating the authenticity of period styles.

    Roger has a degree in drama from the Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. and, since 1978, has choreographed, directed and produced numerous operas and musical theatre productions. For eight years, Roger was the Associate Producer of TheatreFest, theatre-in-residence program, at Montclair State University, Montclair, N.J. Roger has worked with many celebrities including: Leslie Uggams, Susan Lucci, Debbie Reynolds, Kim Zimmer, Pattie LuPone and Betty Buckley. Roger has directed operas at the annual Amalfi Music Festival in Italy . He is a member of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers. Roger is the make up consultant for Parlights, Inc. in Frederick, MD, a leading theatrical supply house for the greater Washington/Baltimore areas.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: Hello! My name is Roger Bennett Riggle and I am a licensed professional make-up artist and this is our model today Vanessa Strickland. Were talking about makeup techniques for fantasy and today specifically for Halloween and were creating a tiger face.

    The next face that were going to do is to draw and the particular design of the tiger face. Weve laid in the basic color, now we want to try and pick up the traits that indeed are a cat tiger look.

    The first thing I want to talk about is that a tiger really has no ears on the side and they are on the top. So were going to recreate that basically with a wig. The wig will take care of that. I always work from the forehead down, when I am doing a design. A cat usually has an almond shaped eye and they usually are lifted up. They are usually pointed on the outside and that helps to change the human eye to more like a cat like feature. Also, notice the nose, if you really study maybe your cat at home, youll see that the end of the nose its really a triangle.

    That has a triangular shape and it connects to the mouth and most cats look like theyre smiling. So, we have to alter the nose look and also the mouth shape, also cats, tigers, lions etc. all have whiskers so we also need to recreate the whiskers. The first and easiest thing to do is at this point is to take a dark pencil because most of what were painting in now is black, so will not show.

    I am looking at my picture and/or my design and I am just going to sketch in on the face real quick what I want to do. So, Ill notice across here that kind of the eyebrows of a tiger have black tuffs of hair in that area. Also, they have got stripes coming across like this and actually they seem to connect in the middle, you can just sketch very quickly with this and they seem to have an irregular kind of stripe in the fur.

    Notice that the black fur kind of blends into the orange and the yellow and the white fur, so you want to try and recreate that texture as youre going along. Also, seems to be a triangular ridge there at the top of the nose and we can go on down to the nose and make that triangular shape that we were talking about.

    Now, I want to extend it down farther so that indeed it shows below the nostrils of the human nose. It also connects to the mouth here, and its smiling and theres also a cat like muscle that happens in this area. So, Ill just paint in a different mouth in that area like that. Weve talked about the eyes being omen and going up so Ill draw line down like that and a line up like that. Basically, I can use the eyebrow and follow and connect those lines up, so that every thing is going up on a diagonal.

    Can you look up for me? When you are working on someones eyes, be very careful, but if they look up for you, you have no trouble working underneath the eye like that. There are also round like stripes coming down like this and it kind of makes a curve there and a triangular shape on this side and then theres a larger stripe down like that, that comes into there. If we want, we can add some tiger teeth we can paint them right on the face.

    So, I am going to add these teeth on her face so that even though her mouth is shut, it still looks like she has those in sizers coming out of the mouth. Theres a little triangle here on the mouth and basically what Ill do on this side, is a quick sketch of exactly what Ive done on the other. We can also put a few features in here. Underneath the neck the lines kind of basically go in patches in this area.

    So, I am just going to make really kind of pointed lines that come in across the color. Ignore the colors that you put on, just paint in the detail with your pencil.