The Perfect Craft Beer Pour

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Julia Herz, Publisher from, demonstrates the proper way to pour beer from the tap, bottle, and can.

    Julia Herz: Hi there! I am Julia Herz with CraftBeer.

    com and today we are going to talk about the perfect way to pour your craft beer from the tap, the bottle and the can.

    When you pour your craft beer into a glass you get the opportunity to enjoy the full array of aromas and flavors offered in that beer, plus the carbonation is allowed to escape, so you fill up less quickly which I know everyone appreciates.

    Do you enjoy wine or spirits out of the bottle? No. You are going to enjoy it out of the glass and the same treatment and respect should be given to your craft beer.

    Step one the glassware. Start with the beer glass that is clean aroma free and never frozen. Step two, preparation. Optimal beer cleaned glass prep calls for pre-wedding with chilled water immediately before filling to remove residual sanitizer. Also warm or hot water will cause foaming, so avoid using this.

    Step three, the pour. So when pouring your craft beer out of the bottle or the can just lift your glass up tilt it to a 45 degree angle and pour, make sure the beer is going down the sides of the glass until about three quarter of the way through than pour straight down the middle and that last little trick will help insure you get a beautiful one inch collar of foam.

    When pouring from the tap grip the handle at it's base tilt your glass at a 45 degree angle and open fully, then about three quarters of the way through the pour straighten up and pour down the middle and that my friends ensures a beautiful pour.

    So here are some good things to avoid when pouring yourself a beer. Don't touch the glass to the tap or the bottle, this avoids the potential breaking of the glass and elevates the transfer of any undesirable elements including germs. If your beer is pouring foamy, the solution is not putting the faucet or the bottle into the beer, but instead to ensure your draught system is properly balanced.

    Don't open the faucet partway as this can cause foaming and that's how to properly pour your craft beer.