The Pressure Of Parenting Preschoolers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Valorie Burton for Focus on the Family provides tips for dealing with the preschool years.

    Valorie Burton: The preschool years are some of the most hectic and draining that a parent will experience. But here are some suggestions that lighten the load. For many homes a typical day starts with waking up the kids, then its off to the race is getting ready for school, dressing, finding and putting on shoes, making sure backpacks are all squared away. But finally everyone has to get breakfast.

    Wow! Just hearing about a morning like that sounds overwhelming. No body works harder than a parent who stays home to care for preschool kids, with their constant chattering and endless question, little ones have an uncanny ability to unravel the adult nervous system.

    Even if a parent begins the morning with optimism it can all fade away by late afternoon and the pressures of endless responsibilities reduce them to lump of putty. So how can you help take the pressure off of your spouse when you have preschool kids?

    The first step is simply understanding the amazing demands on your partner. Give them some time and space so that they have alone time, they'll appreciate it. Consider scheduling some regular time off and offer to take over for the whole day and they're off-duty. It's amazing what even one day off a week will make. Your kids may never run out of energy but it's important to replenish yours.