The Secret to Grilled Brats

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Phil Anderson discusses the secret to grilled brats.

    Phil Anderson: Hi! I am Phil Anderson, Executive Chef for Harris Teeter. I am going to show you the secret for great grilled Brats. The first thing you need to do is you need to get yourself brats. The whole onion, 32 ounces of beer, room temperature, put it on the grill, and gradually heat it up. Now, you don't want it to boil. You just want to get it up to a point where you've got those Brats already cooked, because you don't want to develop steam within the casing because the steam bursts out and cracks the casing.

    So once you get it to this point, the brats are pretty well cooked. You can tell they're pretty firm. You don't care about this, you don't care about what's in here, you're not going to use it anymore. But what you are going to use is you're going to use this here, it's a landing liquid, that's the 28 ounces of stewed tomatoes, a roughly chopped bell pepper and one tablespoon of brown sugar, 32 ounces of beer.

    Now that's what the brats are going to stay in, once we get them grilled. So we're going to take our brats, put them on the grill. This is direct heat. We want to make sure that the proteins are sticking to the bars and we want to make sure that it's not hard for us to move them, so that they relax and we know that we're going to have a really nice bar burn in our brats. I want to get a couple of marks on them. So I'm kind of move them around, in the grills, between the bars.

    You see, they didn't explode and a lot of people don't understand what the dynamic is going on. When you bring it to a bare simmer, you cook the meat and it has a steam, it hasn't -- want it to explode. So now you're just moving in around to get your burns in there. Okay, brats, give them a little bit more char on bottom of those, put them back in our beer. There you are, the secret to grilling brats, enjoy.