The SOBE Wine and Food Festival

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    See all that the SOBE Wine and Food Festival in Miami, FL has to offer.

    Rachelle Lucas: I am so excited to be on South Beach today for the Wine & Food Festival. Weve got tons of great food, wine, celebrities, and Ive got Kara here to show me all the entertainment, its just amazing!

    Kara Franker: Oh, its great! They have got over 50 restaurants here; I mean tents upon tents right on the beach, feeding the sand. Weve got celebrities here. It will be a really fun day.

    Rachelle Lucas: Yeah, lets go check it out.

    Kara Franker: Sure!

    Olee Fowler: I am loving the entertainment at this years festival; the food, the drink, the options are endless.

    Anna Pellegrino: You have pasta with tomatoes and chives, and capers, simply; again, its a great cuisine.

    Rachelle Lucas: Cheers!

    Andres Barrientos: Were a local smokehouse in Little Havana. Were the only people, as far as I know, doing what were doing down here. Were curing smoke, all of our own heritage hogs in-house, and thats pretty much what were serving today, the Barbeque Berkshire. Rachelle Lucas: So we havent actually gotten in line yet; I am hoping you can get us in. Wow! Cheers!

    Kara Franker: Thats good!

    Rachelle Lucas: Cheers!

    Kara Franker: Cheers!

    Rachelle Lucas: So after tasting so much food, its so cool to come and find these awesome little lounge areas right next to the beach where we can sit and have our coconut water and kind of regroup before the next event. I know, I am pretty excited about seeing Emeril. Kara Franker: I cant wait to see Emeril, the demonstrations today have been so much fun.

    Rachelle Lucas: For sure.

    Kara Franker: But I have to tell you Emeril is my favorite, I am so excited to see him.

    Rachelle Lucas: Me too, although I did like leaning how to make frog legs from Andrew Zimmern. Kara Franker: Oh, that was cool! Emeril Lagasse: Lets do this in real time, no magic. Bucatini pasta, a little thicker than spaghetti, I like the texture of it.

    Paul Lawson: I had a great time. We enjoy these kinds of things. Food Network is one of our favorite networks, we love all these celebrities. Its been perfect.

    Rachelle Lucas: So after all that food and all those drinks, Kara, I think there is only one thing left we have to do.

    Kara Franker: Sit on the beach.

    Rachelle Lucas: Lets do it.