The Tennis Serve-Trophy Pose

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tennis instructor Frankie Dell demonstrates the Trophy pose.

    Frankie Dell: Hi! I am Frankie Dell, I am a professional Tennis Instructor. You are watching How to Serve. Next I am going to demonstrate the Trophy pose. Okay, we have already learned how to bring both hands down together and up together, your racquet and your arm is shaped like an L. Your other arm has gone up to toss the ball. This is about the time you want to start bending your knees, okay. So, knees are bent, weight is evenly distributed. Your not back on this foot, your not back on this foot, you are here. And your racquet arm -- the racquet drops to this position so its at a 90 degree angle and now you are in the Trophy pose. It's called the Trophy pose because most tennis trophies you have ever seen shows a guy on top and he is in this position, right here. You have already tossed the ball, your knees are bent, your weight is evenly distributed, your not back on this foot, your not up on this foot, you are here and you are about to go into your swing. Now, I want to break it down a little simpler, lets go over to the net. If you want to eliminate the down together, up together and just start in the Trophy pose. This will give you a little bit of experience actually making contact with the ball but eventually you are going to have drop the racquet into the Back-scratch position which we are going to talk about in this next segment.