The Top 10 Cat Breeds

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Allison Howard with the Cat Fanciers Association lists the top ten cat breeds, ranked by pedigree registrations.

    Allison Howard: Hi! I am Allison with the Cat Fanciers' Association. Here to countdown the top 10 most popular breeds of cats ranked by Pedigree registrations.

    Number 10, the Devon Rex: This low-maintenance cat is pixy like in appearance with a curly coat. The Devon Rex loves attention, is relaxed, sociable, and prefers not to be left alone.

    Number 9, the Siamese: Originally, from Siam, Siamese cats can each be categorized into one of four colorings, chocolate point, seal point, blue point, or lilac point. There is sleek lines, striking color contrast, and deep blue almond shaped eyes, make them one of the most beautiful breeds. These talkative cats exhibit inquisitive personalities and a loving nature.

    Number 8, the Sphynx: This hairless cat's skin has been compared to the texture of suede and appears wrinkled and loose on the body. Due to the lack of fur coat these cats need to be kept warm, either by snuggling up under the covers, or wearing a fashionable cat sweater. The Sphynx is extremely lovable and known to perform silly antics.

    Number 7, the American Shorthair: The American Shorthair originally hails from across the pond. These cats boarded ships with the pilgrims traveling to America. Available in many colors their short coats make them a low maintenance pet. This easy-going cat gets along great with children and other pets.

    Number 6, the Abyssinian: The Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds of cats whose origins have been traced back to Egypt. These slender cats have coats in one of four colors, ruddy, red, blue, and fawn. They are extremely intelligent people-oriented cats who are loyal to their owners.

    Number 5, the British Shorthair: These teddy bear cats are known for their blue coat. They come in a variety of colors. They are very calm when they mature, but also maintain athleticism and agility as they age. The British Shorthair has been known to do well with other pets including dogs, rabbits, and birds.

    Number 4, the Ragdoll: These large semi longhair cats need regular grooming, but they are relatively low-maintenance compared to other longhair breeds. Their coats feature lighter fur around the face, legs, tail, and ears. Ragdoll cats are also laid back and love to be with people sometimes even more seldom with other cats.

    Number 3, the Maine Coon Cat: The Maine Coon cat was voted best cat at the first CFA cat show, considered gentle giants of the pedigreed cat world. They are going despite their impressive size, their shaggy coat makes for a rugged appearance, but these cats are intelligent, kind, and very trainable.

    Number 2, the Exotic: The Exotic cat typically comes with a shorter coat compared to that of the Persian, making grooming easy as they do not map or tangle. Quiet and endearing, the Exotic is an easy-going and undemanding breed.

    The number one breed of cat is the Persian with its attractive long flowing coat and various colorings and patterns. Their beautiful coat comes with the need for daily combing and regular baths. Quiet and good natured, the Persian makes a loving gentle companion. It's no wonder they have been named the most popular breed for over 30 years.