The Top 3 Boat Insurance Claims And How To Prevent Them

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Scott Croft with BoatUS counts down the top 3 reasons why boaters make insurance claims and how you can prevent these claims on your boat.

    Scott Croft: Its a boat owners nightmare, having to make an insurance claim after a bad day on the water. Hi! I am Scott Croft with Boat Owners Association of The United States. The BoatUS insurance claim files tell us a lot about what goes wrong for boaters. So we are going to countdown the top three most commonly filed claims and some ways to prevent them. The third most common claim is for stolen equipment. Your best defense here is to make the theft of electronics, fishing tackle or outboard motors as difficult as it can be. Whenever possible, remove electronics and lock them in a safe place. As it goes for cars, dont leave valuable items out in the open on your boat either. Number 2 on the claims list is hitting something while underway or running aground. Always keep a proper look out and know how much water should be underneath the keel. Your guests aboard can act as extra sets of eyes. And if you ever hear a loud thump, stop and check the bilge to see if you have taken on water. If you keep the boat in a slip, keep checking up on it a few days after an incident, just to make sure a small leak doesnt become a big one. And finally, number 1, more boats get damaged by storms than any other way. Having a well thought out storm preparation plan can keep your boat safe in all but the most severe storms. If there is high ground, try to haul the boat and get it anchored down. Its usually extreme high water or storm surge that causes the most damage to boats. If you are forced to leave the boat in the slip, add extra lines and chafing protection. No matter where you put the boat, take off all the loose gear like canvas and sails. We have seen furling jib sails shredded into cotton balls in just a matter of hours after they have been left as is.

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