The Truth About Personal Trainers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow explains the truth about personal trainers.

    John Basedow: When you are ripping your body into shape, there is nothing like the dedicated focus of a personal trainer. But is it really worth a hefty price tag? Here is the truth.

    A personal trainer works with clients to assess their fitness level and finds specific exercises that work best for their bodies. Many personal trainers offer free consultation, so shop around until you find the perfect fit.

    Remember, a trainer should be their best advertisement, no matter what they claim about their training methods. If you don't want to look like them, why would you hire them. Make sure you find a trainer you actually want to work with. More trainers were certified now than ever before, and this means you have the power to choose the right one that clicks and understands your body type.

    If you want the results of a personal trainer for fraction of the cost, look into group training. Some trainers work with two to four people and charge less than you would pay individually. It's extra motivation to keep at it with the added benefit of exercising with friends and a little friendly competition.

    Unless you are preparing for a movie role or the Olympics you wouldn't need a trainer forever. It's all about the discipline. Once you master the moves, you can easily train yourself if you have the will power. Simply take what you want from the expert and apply it to every workout. A personal trainer isn't the key to a better body, but their inspiration and discipline can output you on track if you are dedicated to getting and staying in shape.