The Value Of Cat Breeders And Pedigreed Cats

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Allison Howard with the Cat Fanciers Association shares what makes pedigreed cats special and how breeders of pedigreed cats contribute to the pet owner community and well-being of the entire cat population.

    Allison Howard: Hi! I am Allison with the Cat Fanciers' Association. There are some general misconceptions that how we breeders of pedigreed cats are responsible for the high population of homeless cats and shelters. However, most breeder organizations take pride in caring for all cats, not just pedigrees.

    For example, at CFA our mission is to preserve and promote pedigreed breeds of cats and to enhance the well-being of all cats. This includes homeless and feral cats. Breeders are often active lobbyers in opposition to laws that negatively impact pet ownership, such as Pet Limit Laws.

    Breeders also are a large voice of support for TNR programs or (Trap, Neuter and Return) to decrease the homeless cat population. You'll often find breeders helping to run these programs and volunteering to find permanent homes for homeless cats, not only does lobbying and volunteering help to reduce the homeless cat population, but most breeding practices help to do so as well.

    Pedigreed cats have unique character traits, personalities, and appearance characteristics that make an ideal choice for many families and individuals. Because pedigreed cats benefit from a long lineage of selective breeding the various breeds each have distinguishable predictable traits, levels of energy, and even coat colors, and patterns.

    When choosing a pedigreed cat you can select a breed that best fits your lifestyle, longhair, or shorthair, low or high maintenance, quiet and sweet or energetic, and playful, you can be sure that whichever breed you choose will exhibit treats that have been predicted by their genetic lineage.

    Behind each pedigreed cat is a breeder who has worked for years through show exhibition and Feline Husbandry to develop a bloodline of ideal cats. The home hobby breeder is a great resource for advice on proper care, feeding, introduction to the home, and other aspects of pet ownership.

    If considering adopting a cat from a breeder be sure that the breeder follows a code of ethics. For example, CFA has a Breeder Code of Ethics, a mentor program, and strict disciplinary procedures to encourage the best breeding practices.

    Few pedigreed cats end up on the streets or in shelters, thanks to the quality of cats provided by these breeders, and the pet owners who in turn cherish them as members of their family.