The Wind Window for Flying Your Stunt Kite

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chris Maxa from The Kite Loft demonstrates how to find the wind window to fly a stunt kite.

    Chris Maxa

    Chris Maxa is the General Manager of The Kite Loft, Inc. located in Ocean City, Maryland. Chris has over 15 years of kite flying experience both privately and professionally. He has instructed and consulted thousands of people on kiting from small children to senior citizens. In addition, Chris has given hundreds of personal, hands-on flying lessons to aspiring kite flyers. Chris has played an interregnal role in helping The Kite Loft grow and maintain it’s status as the world’s largest retailer of kites. He has learned his craft from two of the kite industry’s pioneers and most respected figures, Bill Osche and Jay Knerr, both of whom have been voted “Kite Person of the Year.” Chris has attended multiple national kite conventions and trade shows. He has participated in numerous kite festivals as both a participant and as a vendor. Chris trains and coaches a team that displays the largest daily kite air-show on the East Coast, for millions of summer tourists each year. Chris is an avid kite flyer who enjoys flying recreationally in his free time. He has flown, and mastered, just about every kind of kite imaginable. In 2002, Chris graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore with a degree in Business Administration. He currently lives in Berlin, MD with his wife Kristie and daughter Marlow.

    Chris Maxa: Hi my name is Chris Maxa. I am with the Kite Loft. Today we going to learn how to fly a stunt kite. In this segment were going to learn about the wind winders and the properties of the wind. Before we launch our stunt kite, weve already learned how to pick out the proper stunt kite, weve set it up, weve gone out to the flying field, we figured out where the winds coming from, weve gone the kite line, walked it out, got every thing prepared.

    Now, some point to learn some of the properties of the wind, before we just start getting this thing flying all over the place. Stunt kites by their very nature, do have a certain safety factor thats involved. By understanding the wind window, it allows you to better control your kite and allows for a safer and really more fun fly. This point you dont need your really kite lines. I just want to go over a couple of things what the wind window is and how you can see and judge this wind and its an imaginary window. I am a lot to talk about.

    The wind window basically is a -- well a window but its more specifically a semi circle, thats out in front of you, in your kites line of flight. If you were to take the length of your line, create an arc from the top to the side, on both sides, that more specifically is your wind window. What the wind window is, is its a gauge of where its strongest, weakest and most prone to do the most pulling and least pulling, while youre flying your kite. What are we going to show you is taking my hands and drawing an imaginary window in front of us, which will give you a approximation of where the strongest, most consistent winds are. Within that imaginary window in front of us, thats where the kites going to pull the strongest. You need to know this so you can anticipate any unpredicted movement. Youll be able to better prepare and fly the kite with safety and a lot more fun. On the sides of the window, on either side, the wind is actually is not as strong. This also holds true for the top of the wind window as well. So just to summarize, take an imaginary arc with the length of your kite flying line, that is your wind window. Its strongest in the center, other wise known as the Power Zone, right on front of us. Thats where I can predict that the kites going to fly the strongest and be at its most stable and secure. On the sides of the wind window is what we would later learn how to land the kite and if you wanted to be get in to advance flying, thats where you going to want to pull off your all your tricks and what not as well. In the next segment were actually going to learn how to fly the kite and get this thing going.