Things To Do On Hutchinson Island

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hutchinson Island, a barrier island, in the Atlantic Ocean is home to many interesting points of interest; the Elliot Museum, a museum dedicated to Antique Cars, the House of Refuge, an historic place that use to be for shipwrecked people and the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center.

    [Music]Jennifer Esler: If you ever find yourself marooned on Hutchinson Island, the Elliott museum provides the perfect opportunity to for you to spend your day, looking at wonderful exhibits about art, and history, and technology.

    We have a wonderful collection of 1930 and 1931 model A and AA commercial vehicles that was collected by a man named Elliot R. Donnelly. These vehicles are displayed in a very unique way. It's a three-tiered car racking system it will allow you to pull down a full size car that you request down to a turntable so that you can see and learn more about it.

    Sterling Elliot the man for whom the museum was named was a great inventor, he had over 40 patents, and those inventions along with many other things that he did on display here at the Elliot Museum.

    Michael Phillips: We are at the House of Refuge, the Gilbert's bar, house of the refuge where build during the 1870's to offer food, cloth, shelter, and transportation to shipwrecked survivors. This is the only remaining House of Refuge in the state of Florida so it is a true treasure.

    Mark Perry: Here on Hutchinson Island at Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center we offer a wide variety of aquariums and exhibits and nature trails that are opened to public. Particularly we have a 10,000 gallon ray tank where you can feed and help stingrays. We also have Game Fish lagoon where you'll see over 30 different species of animals including sharks, and rays, fish like tarpon and snout and redfish and also sea turtles, which nest up and down our coastal area.

    So, right here we have the most, biodiverse ecosystems in North America with over 4300 different species of plants and animals and so that makes this location really unique. And just talking about all the different animals and the habitats they lived in our ocean in coastal environment.