Thinning Hair Causes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nioxin stylist Diane Stevens provides the top three causes for thinning hair and gives tips on how to fix each one.

    Female Speaker: Hi!

    Female Speaker: Hello!

    Female Speaker: How are you doing?

    Female Speaker: I am okay. To be honest a little bit stressed out about my hair.

    Female Speaker: Tell me what's doing on, what's causing you so much stress?

    Female Speaker: I am just really worried because it just keeps getting thinner and thinner. I mean I am too young for this.

    Female Speaker: First, a lot a guests, a lot of clients had the same concerns about thinning hair. And second, today I could give a great hair shape and give you some styling tips as well on how to make your hair appear thicker and fuller.

    Female Speaker: What's causing it?

    Female Speaker: It could be hot tools; it could be chemicals; it could also be an unhealthy scalp environment and then genetics which we can't do a whole lot about. You have to take care of same skin that you have here on your scalp.

    Female Speaker: Well, how can I make my scalp healthier then?

    Female Speaker: We can actually start by eating green leafy vegetables, vitamins, getting all the nutrition that we can and then also just go for a nice long walk, just to reduce the stress in your life as well.

    Female Speaker: I can do that.

    Female Speaker: And long with a health scalp there are products out there that are designed specifically for thinning hair. And if you add it to your daily routine, you hair will be amazing. Is that a smile on your face?

    Female Speaker: Yes. I am feeling less stressed already. Thank you so much.

    Female Speaker: You're welcome.