This Detoxifying Scrub Makes Your Skin Look Airbrushed

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Detoxing is big these days. But I’d rather go two months without a pedicure than do a juice cleanse. (Who’s with me?)

    This DIY I created is inspired by NYC’s Paul Labrecque Spa’s signature jalapeño and coffee scrub. As Lauren mentioned before, green coffee beans help firm and tone, jalapeño is the earth’s natural detoxer, and mint adds that spa feel we all want to enjoy at home.

    Green coffee beans are ideal, but recycle your used Keurig pods or coffee grounds for an easy substitute.

    This is meant to work like a body wrap, so apply the scrub, let it soak in by wrapping yourself up like a burrito, and then rinse. Avoid any creams or lotions until the next day so you can get the most out of the scrub!

    Becca Frcuht: If you are wondering why some celebs have the best glow, it's because they take great care of their skin and make sure to detox, and good new this detox doesn't require any juicing. POPSUGAR beauty reporter Kirbie Johson is showing us how to make a red hot detoxifying scrub at home.

    Kirbie Johson: So, this not your conventional scrub, let me tell you that. POPSUGAR's beauty editor in New York actually got this treatment at Paul Labrecque's Spa, Leighton Meester is a huge fan of this spa.

    Becca Frcuht: Okay! So, let's spice up and then lighten our complexion.

    Kirbie Johson: Let's do it. Okay, so we are going to take half a cup of coffee beans and we are going to mix with half of jalapeno. Now if you can get the green and roasted coffee beans, that's great, but they are little bit hard to find. If you can't get them, don't worry just use your regular coffee grounds. This is going to provide the caffeine component. Caffeine is nature's national firming and toning solution. Now jalapenos are great detoxifiers, and a lot of people don't know that. But this is going to create a nice, slight tingles that when you apply it to your skin, you are going to feel it working almost immediately. Now I do have to caution you, if you feel like it's burning and not tingling, remove it, don't torture your yourself, also may be do a test patch, and be smart don't wipe your eye after touching those.

    Becca Frcuht: What's next?

    Kirbie Johson: You want to provide some aloe vera. This is going to be a very great compliment to those jalapenos you just put in. it's soothing. I know that's like radio active acting green patch.

    Becca Frcuht: You got green pack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle version.

    Kirbie Johson: You get that from your local drug store, but if you can get the actual aloe vera plant, that's going to be a lot better. Then we want to take a bunch of mints. Mint is going to give you that spa like feel. I mean it smells great first of all, but also it's going to have that refreshing menthol effect on your skin when you put it on. And then you want to finish it off with a cup of hot water, and what we are doing here with the food processor is we are making a scrub. Are you ready for is?

    Becca Frcuht: I am scared.

    Kirbie Johson: This must be pretty fun. That's the point of the scrub. Now I feel like this might be a little too much water. You can go ahead and add in some more coffee ground if you need to. Then the way you use it is just you take a scoop of it, you can put it in a mason jar like so, take a scoop of it, massage it in a circular motion, meet it into your skin. Let it sit for about 20 minutes. If we want grab a blanket and wrap yourself up, and then you are good to go. You can wash off in shower and you can easily wash that blanket afterwards.

    Becca Frcuht: So, this is perfect. We were talking about burritos. You actually burrito yourself in the scrub.

    Kirbie Johson: Exactly.

    Becca Frcuht: DeliciousKirbie Johson: Love it.