Tilapia – Plating the Dish

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Javier Quiroga from To Your Taste Catering shows you how to plate your completed tilapia with tomato caper sauce dish.

    Javier Quiroga: Hi! My name is Javier Quiroga and I am with To Your Taste Catering. Today, we are showing you how to make Tomato Caper Tilapia and now we are going to show you how to plate the Tilapia.

    I want to show you a quick garnish trick that you can do just to make your whole plate; you have already done so much work on this, you might as well make it look perfect at the end. Something very simple; you have a little bit of ginger, a ginger root, okay. You dont have to do much to it, if you go ahead and just cut it right down the middle, okay, like on an angle like this, alright. There is a beautiful garnish; I mean you dont need very, very much more for that. We are going to put that on one end, alright. And again, we have a zucchini here which we are going to crisscross back and forth very quickly here, going all the way through like that, like that, like that and the next time, I will show you guys how to do all garnishes, thats a lot of fun. Its like playing with food, look at that.

    It's like playing with foods. Take the backs of that off, okay and we are going to put this on the plate later and we are going to just chop a little bit of parsley for the top of the dish which is going to make it look just beautiful. You can do a nice rough chop to put in the middle, alright. And again, you can do this way ahead of time; you can do it in the morning before your dinner party, before your date, whatever you are going to do. You can do all of this ahead of time and just heat everything up before it happens, okay. So now we have the noodles that have been cooked, okay. Now remember, I told you guys about the oil; if you look at it right now, it looks very clumpy, right. Thanks to that little oil that I put in there, I will mix it up a little bit and its ready to go. So, we are going to go ahead and just pick it out into a nice big dish and again, you can do this, if you are doing it in your family style, the way we are doing it now, you can do it in a big plate like this. If it's dinner for two, you can just do in a small plate, put a little bed of the noodles and then the Tilapia on top, okay. So, we got the noodles, the Tilapia. And the way, we are going to do this, we are going to shingle these in here like this, just to make it look gorgeous. Look at that, showing a little bit of the noodles at the end, it always makes it look really nice, that. And notice that I am leaving this part here on down here for the garnish here now. So, we could do, could have a little more parsley; just get some out, okay. Its my hair, it could be my hair but its not, alright. We have got a little bit here, we are going to put one of these guys here, see how beautiful that came out. We got one here, and then we are going to put a couple of these, the ginger on the side here.

    The good thing about garnishing, nobody really knows what garnish is but it looks pretty, it looks the best right. So, here is the Tilapia and now we are going to go ahead and finish it off with the sauce, and the sauce you might want to just turn it a couple of times just to incorporate the back end. We have the whole thing here and then I just go ahead and pour some on top like that. Pour some on top like that, oops! It looks perfect and then a little bit of the rough parsley that you chopped on top, look at that, not too much just enough to make it look pretty, little makeup for the food. Now, we are all set here, alright. We got your Tomato Caper Tilapia over Cellophane Noodles, the best dish in the world.