Tilapia – Plating the Dish

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to make tilapia and plate the dish.

    Barton Seaver: Hi, I am Barton Seaver, and today we are finishing up our Pan Seared Tilapia Fillet with glazed parsnips and a sweet garlic sauce. Tilapia is a great fish, Blue Ocean Institute listed it as one of their green list species, very sustainable catch. So as I was saying, the tilapia fillets are just cooked about two minutes, lightly breaded here in a little bit of cooking oil. So we are going to flip them over, turn the heat off, and allow the heat of the pan to just slowly finish the cooking up. Flip them over, and you see they are just beginning to crisp up nicely. Take on a little bit of brown, a nice little bit of texture to them. So that's about it on that. I have got some nice plates over here, we have got our sweet garlic sauce, again, that's the emulsion of a poached garlic cooking oil and a little bit of lemon juice and salt, nice chunky little sauce here. So put a little bit of that on to the plate using the back of a spoon, just sort of circle it out. Now, whenever you are plating, one of the tricks to making it look good is, to use the whole plate. You got this whole thing, there is no reason to put the sauce right in the center with everything stacked right up on top of it. So you can't really tell the difference in everything. Put the sauce right over there, we have got our parsnips over here, which have been glazed with a little bit of browned butter, and white balsamic vinegar. Finished off with a little bit of parsley. So spoon a little bit of those just right into the crook of the sauce there, and our tilapia has been sitting here for about another minute while we have been plating up. Now it's probably perfectly not at this point, because the heat of the fish will continue to cook it. We can probably just go ahead and plate it right now. You want your fish to be just barely cooked. Medium well, is probably the best way to take it out of the pan, so it continues to cook as we put it on the plate, just turn this over. So I'll take smaller of the two fillets here, this one is small. I want to just lay that right on top of the parsnips. Okay, look at those plates, doesn't that look good? Then we have got a little bit of bacon here, now this a crisp, it's a nice big thick sliced bacon which I like a lot, you get a little bit more texture to it. So crumble that up in our hands, and just put a few little pieces of that over the top of it. Man, this is going to be good food. I love bacon. Alright, there it is, Pan Seared Tilapia, one of the Blue Oceans Institute favorite fish, highly recommended, with glazed parsnips, little bit of parsley, balsamic and brown butter, with a sweet garlic emulsion. Enjoy.