Tint Car Windows – Selecting and Cutting the Film

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Automotive Expert Laurence Streidel breaks down the first step in tinting car windows, selecting and cutting the film.

    Laurence Streidel: Hi! My name is Laurence Streidel. I am the owner of Winners Window Tint, Rockville, Maryland. In this segment of how to tint your ride, I am going to show you how to select your window film.

    In our state of Maryland, our regulations are 35% visible light transmission. That's the legal darkest film that are allowed on a passenger vehicle. Once you have selected the film that you are going to apply to the actual car, please double check and make sure that all of your window film laws comply with the window film that you are going to be applying.

    First step in actually applying window film to the glass is cutting out the actual window film. The first item I am using is actually our soap and water, Johnsons Baby Shampoo and warm water to apply to the exterior of the glass, where we are actually going to hand cut our window film. Second tool of choice is our Teflon hard card where you are actually going to anchor down the actual film to the glass. That way it doesn't move. It makes sure that you also have an overlap on both sides of the window, just so that you are not short.

    Next step that we are going to need and use is our trusty OLFA knife. Where we are going to use the actual knife? In the top of the edge of the window as our guide in order to cut a perfect edge to the actual glass. Take your time with this. You want to have a perfect edge at the very top of the window. Once you have cut the top, next step; with our hard card and our knife, we are actually going to use the edge of our rubber seals as our guide, slowly follow the edge of the actual window. Always start from the bottom and work your way up. Same with the other side as well. Release the excess film and throw into your pile.

    Next, we are going to actually take the film and remove it off the glass and slide it upward till it reaches the very top of the rubber seal. Once we have it in that position, use your hard card to anchor down the film, that way it doesn't move on. Grab your OLFA knife and your hard card, and this is how we are going to use the OLFA knife and the actual hard card as our guide on the rubber seal. Please make sure, you do not cut the rubber. You want to be a hair above it. Use the hard card as your guide as well as the lower seal, but put adequate amount of pressure on it. Well, now that we have the majority of our window film cut outs, in our next segment, I am going to show you how to cut off all of our excess film and how to heat shrink.