Tips For Building Mental Stamina

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow shares his tips for building mental stamina.

    John Basedow: Whether you're training for a major marathon or just want to lose 20 pounds willpower is a must. My tips for building mental stamina will keep you dedicated to reaching your fitness goals, self-confidence is key to workout success. Think positively about fitness and yourself, if negative thoughts creep in squash them right away with positive ones. Replacing negativity will improve your overall outlook and get you out of those funks that make you want to give up. Use visualization to stick to your goals. Imagine winning a race or picture someone you want to look like to boost your confidence. You can also visualize past achievements to get burst of energy from thinking about your success. Picturing an end goal might just be that extra push you need or you dont want to expect set back, so it's important to prepare for them, dont beat yourself up if you hit a low point or cheat on your diet, tomorrow is another day and a opportunity to get right back on track. Use a mantra or affirmation to get through the rough patches, repeat encouraging phrases like I can do this or power through it.

    You'll learn to manifest your will power when you need it. And finally get to bed. The more sleep you get the easier it is for your brain to focus, getting 7 to 9 hours a night will increase your reaction time, speed muscle grow and boot overall performance, just dont waste the whole day away with too much sleep.

    With these simple tips you can fine tune your mental stamina and find the dedication you need to reach your fitness goals.