Tips For Coverage and Camouflage Of Thinning Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. William Parsley of the Hair Foundation discusses the top tips for coverage and camouflage of thinning hair.

    William M. Parsley: We have many patients come to us that because of finances or because they are not a good candidate for surgery, still want to have some help for their hair loss. I want to talk about non-surgical ways to hide your hair loss and to cover thinning. These are camouflage agents, just as hair restoration come a long way, so have with the camouflage agents. They are much better, they are wonderful products, used properly in the right self-circumstances.

    One is the camouflage agents which have fibers in it or have a spray or have a foundation like product which can cover the hair. It tends to cover the hair and the scalp so it makes it look like you have a lot of hair when you really don't unless you really park the hair and look closely, you can not tell that they are in.

    I like the fibers if a person responds better a little bit more because they keep sheen of the hair. Sprays are good, but they take away some of the luster of the hair. There are hair thickeners that can come in a form of loose shampoos and gels which are really helpful in thickening the hair, they cult the hair, they are not permanent but they are really helpful.

    A couple of tips for applying these products are, one, use it with an atomizer rather than shake it on because what you want to do is take a comb, let up the hair, spray it on the hair and let it rain down on your scalp. If you use the shakers, sometimes you will make clumps on your scalp but then it can be noticeable.

    The second tip is, don't take it right to the hairline, not a quarter to a half inch behind, as close as you want to go to the hairline because then it can show that way too.

    Some of the agents you can use with swimming and the exercise, but with others you have to be a little bit cautious. Most can handle a live perspiration and light rain but not a heavy downfall of rain.

    There is a new form of treatment called micro-pigmentation that can be unbelievable in its coverage. You tattoo the top of the scalp by an expert and go in the form of the hair pattern you like and the results are pretty dramatic. So they are really helpful for somebody with scars and somebody with the expensive hair loss.

    These camouflage agents are good for amount of hair loss, but if you have more expensive hair loss, you may want to check with the dermatologist or a hair restoration expert.