Tips For Running A Yard Sale

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home design expert Sherry Tyra discusses her top tips for running a smooth yard sale.

    Sherry Tyra: Summer is a great time to clear out clutter and rid your home of unwanted items and what better way to do so than have a yard sale. Instead of throwing away used items why not earn a little money?

    When setting up the sale, place like items together. It will make your sale appear more orderly and customers will be able to better see everything you have to offer. Be sure that each item is clearly marked with a price, the larger the item, the larger the price sticker should be. You can create a colored sticker system with a legend showing what each color stands for. Position numerous legends around your sale for easy reference.

    Negotiating is part of the fun of a yard sale, so don't underprice, you may even want to mark a little higher than your desired profit because you can expect people to haggle. If you don't want to negotiate on a particular item, write firm next to the price.

    Make shopping an easy experience, place books with titles up for easy reading, put tools, lawn movers and garden supplies near the curve. Make sure that you have plenty of news print, tape, grocery bags and lay your hangers on hand to pack with to go.

    Start with a lot of small change including small bills and coins. Guard your money and insist on only cash. You may want to use the carpenter's apron fanny pack to carry change.

    Don't place valuable items such as jewelry out where they can easily be lifted. Most people are very honest, but prepare for possibility of that one bad apple. After the sale, make sure that you take down all your signs, box up any items that haven't sold and you may want to donate them to your favorite charity. Make it a fun day, delighting the fact that your unwanted goods are going to a good home. You are not only freeing your home of clutter, you're also putting money in your pocket.